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7 Steps Needed to Create a Great Haircut that your Clients will Love!

Hi Hairbrainers,

I created a video that will help hairdressers create a better haircut that your clients will love. Your goal as a professional should be to gain a life long client. It is a fact that many hairstylist get the opportunity to cut and color a first time client but they don't come back for a second visit. This video will give you important information to help you get that client back to the salon as a loyal customer that loves your work. There are 7 important steps that you need to take, if you miss one step it can make the difference from gaining a life long client or just getting a one time client. For more information visit our website at:

Thanks Edwin

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Comment by Devon Bree Baker on July 4, 2015 at 2:33pm

Thanks for sharing Edwin!~

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