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Who makes Gluten free color?? A client has to have no Gluten or ammonia

Does anyone know who makes a Gluten free and ammonia free color? And if so......can you lighten hair without the ammonia?? My long time client has been told by her doctor she cannot have hair color with gluten or ammonia and this client likes the ultra platinum blond.

I have been using Wella blondor cream/oil lighter then toning with either Koleston, Color Touch, or AVEDA Demi......

Anyone else been ask about this???

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I have a client with gluten sensitivity. A wide range of companies use wheat derived proteins in their color. Love gics colorcreme was one line I found that doesn't use wheat from reading the ingredients. Can't find the msds right now but would imagine it's not ammonia free.

Maybe research an mea color line (like redken chromatics or inoa) to see if any of them are free of wheat derived proteins. Just be warned mea has a worse rap than ammonia but if it's the only option it might make sense to try it. Also redken has ammonia free blond icing lightener you can try.

I think Lanza is gluten free but unfortunately its not ammonia free. 

I asked Mr Google and he showed me this.


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