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What is your main consideration in selection of right Hair Scissor?

Hi Folks;

For hairstylist; Scissor is not merely a tool rather it is the the medium to express the level of expertise. A lot of branded Hairdressing scissors available in market with variety of features. What is your number 1 consideration when selecting a new hair scissors?

1) Price
2) Blade
3) Handle
4) Other

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I don't think this is a fair question or one that will help anyone select the right shear for them. You cant buy a car or house or any other kind of tool with only 1 important thing to consider.

My opinion, Type of blade steel is #1 on the list, along with comfort of shear in your hand and how well they perform and function. Service after the sale (both customer service and shear services/sharpening) and warranty provided, are equally important. Making sure you actually get what you pay for, meaning the type of steel your told is used, or the country of actual manufacture is equally important. As in: lots of Chinese shears out there masquerading as high end authentic Japanese shears, horrible business strategy, but most Stylists are unable to realize the Chinese shear they just paid $800 for because it had a Japanese name or said (Japanese Stainless) on the blade, is not what they were led to believe it is.

Nothing wrong with shears from China, Taiwan, Korea etc. these countries produce some great shears in recent years at very reasonable and affordable prices. Many of you are already owning and using these, and just don't realize this yet. I disagree with taking these shears and convincing Stylists they are authentic Japanese made, in order to get those high Japanese prices, some of the biggest names do this.

I do not believe there can be 1 factor to look for, or help you get a good pair that works well for you. Its a bunch of puzzle pieces that come together that help you get the perfect pair, for you.

Maybe they one factor could possibly be a finding a good reputable company/Salesperson that can make all the right guarantees to you, and put it all in writing and back up these guarantee's.



please refer to the link below. was posted awhile ago. should shed some light , on this discussion.

Scissors are your preference. But Authentic Japanese Scissor/Shear will last rest of your career most likely. With Japanese named Scissor/Shear will fall a part after 5-7 sharpenings most likely due to 0.01mm-0.02mm inaccuracy of screw hole position. Per year investment much less expensive to buy authentic Japanese scissors/shears.

Study the scissor/shear company.

The number one thing I would consider is referrals from other trusted hairdressers, who have used that scissor

Thanks you all for your replies. These will be very helpful in making right decision while buying a right pair of scissors.

I agree with need a variety of blades, sizes, and ergonomic approach / design.......let me add this also, if I may......a while back I became a distributor for Sakura......I'm also in the process of picking up another line as the process, I had to completely educate myself (despite 35 years of what I thought was "shear expertise"), and what I found out, and experienced as well was mind boggling.........yes, there are many factors that dictate our choices....price, sharpness, size, etc. .......we as hairdressers USUALLY go by size and sharpness first and foremost.....but the fact of the matter is that I have $295 shears that are every bit as valuable to me as my $800 Nik shears ......and, believe it or not, are just as sharp.........when you really get down and dirty and you start studying the various blade types, metal grades etc., (and PS, if there are any manufacturer / distributors out there who want to verify this), you find that many of the high end shears that are made with the more expensive steel blends, and for which you are paying big bucks for, are no better than some of the lower end shears.......I have shears that are japanese steel 440C, some that are japanese ATS, and some that are even higher quality than that.......huge variation in prices there, many cases that does not neccessarily indicate that the more expensive shear is sharper....just has more longevity to it by virtue of ability to with stand more, and, in particular to withstand multiple sharpenings over its lifetime..........I have one pair of shears in particular, my Centrix "C" series, that only cost me $300 and believe me, I will put them up against any $800 shear on the planet......they are lethal, to say the again, many factors.....bottom line being you just have to use common sense, feel them, use them make sure they are right for you and your cutting style or styles as the case may be, and go for it.......


Your post was pretty much spot on!

You touched on the basic concept or the truth to the matter, I'm sure if you keep educating yourself and stop listening to the marketing hype that is spun up by the manufacturers and Distributors, you will continue learning more.

My goal has always been to bring education and honesty to the business side of the Haircutting shear world, Very hard job to do, but if Stylists like yourself keep educating themselves and learning and joining in this effort, I can see promising things coming down the road.


For me there is no one simple answer. Most important is are they comfortable and do they cut the hair well. Then what are they made from and do they hold tension. Then it would be price. I will pay for something thats worth it. When it comes to scissors I always say you get what you pay for. I got a pair of Kyoto scissors in beauty school and I thought they were amazing! I used them for about 2 years. They were about $150 and for the price they are great but they I got a pair of $400 scissors that were night and day difference. The $150 ones are still great for what they are but they definitely don't hold up to higher end ones. I now cut with a pair that cost $800 and I love them, they cut both amazing wet and dry and feel great in my hand. So they are worth it to me and that's what matters.

This discussion and all of your views guys really matters. I just realize the the whole approach of decision making has changed. There is no one consideration in making buying decision, a lot of other factors works together. Quality and your comfortably is the wining point.


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