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Since 2009, has been connecting and serving the craft hairdressing community – and we can’t tell you how pleased we are to be a part of your everyday life. But truth be told, we designed this site thinking it would most likely connect no more then 1,000 artists. We wanted to unite die-hard hair nerds, and give them a place to call their own.


What we didn’t realize is that there are hundreds of thousands of you! Since 2009, we’ve watched our numbers climb. First we hit 1,000, then 10,000, and then 30,000 and recently over 300,000 followers across all our social media channels. We never expected Hairbrained to gain such a following, or become such an enormous community.


Of course, we’re thrilled! But our original platform was designed for a more intimate experience, and it simply cannot support the numbers that we’ve reached. Our family has grown, and we’ve overwhelmed our space.


As the numbers grew, we anticipated the need for a new home. For the last several years we’ve worked tirelessly to secure a space for the (now massive) craft hairdressing movement. We’ve tried on various sites and developers, looking to achieve the perfect level of connection, community and image sharing – and for the longest time, we came up dry.


Finally, we found an amazing partner that’s based out of the Silicon Valley, in California. We’ve worked closely with them to develop what is the new Hairbrained site and accompanying app, and we’ve been blown away by their commitment to our cause and their understanding of our community’s importance.


Our development process came to a fork in the road and we had to make a choice: Do we focus on top-notch technology, with the ability to expand and grow, plus optimized user experience and new methods of connection – or do we focus resources on bringing the old communities profiles and accompanying content over to our new home? This decision stalled our progress, but ultimately, we decided that our community members deserve the best – and the best puts emphasis on constant updates, constant improvements and lightening-fast connections; our decision focuses on what’s best in the “now,” with planned provisions for the future.


Because of this new direction, you’ll get the opportunity to refresh your profile; you can make a fresh start on the new It’s worth the effort and time it’ll take (not much, because we’re now mobile and lightening fast!), plus you’ll be able to access and save all of your old content (pictures, blog posts, etc.) at Goes live on 1/1/16


Thank you for growing with us, for making Hairbrained the huge, happy family that it is today. Because at Hairbrained, we have one simple goal in mind: to make the world a better place for hairdressers. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help! So join us, in sharing your work and your views – and we guarantee that you’ll get radically inspired along the way.


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Awesome! Thank you for all that you guys do for our industry! :)

This place is the best. Hairbrained has had a meaningful impact on our industry in the way it has allowed like-minded individuals to meet, form connections and share, and I believe it's creation will be cited in the future as a turning point in the way the hair industry functioned and evolved.

wow thanks for such kind words, we hope we can live up to such an incredible statement.
Thanks Patty we feel the same way about the house! You have been such an important part of Hb and we are so thrilled to have you become even more involved in our new "home"

Thank You so much G, Randy, and Kelly for your vision, passion, and all the hard work required to take hairbrained from a great idea, to the best industry site I've ever seen. It's been a real joy to watch the site grow and evolve over the years. I'm looking forward to hairbrained, the next generation. -luc


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