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I would love to know everyone's general opinion on Swivel Thumb shears. I recently was gifted a pair of Shark Fin Shears, I love them, they are taking a little bit of getting used to but I am thrilled to reduce the threat of carpal. My coworkers and instructors seem to be afraid of them and steer clear which I find a little bewildering.

What are your thoughts friends? 

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I love mine and find it strange now to use regular shears. 

Why kind did you get? And how did your coworkers react? Did you find it took a long time to adjust to them?


       If you love the brand called, Sharkfin, i would really be interested in which brand of shears that you were previously using! 

   are you liking the handle  design or the quality of cut, effectiveness or durability of the overall shear blades?

  i believe that many stylist have previously stated their opinions in earlier discussions , regarding swivelthumb shear.  


I was using Suntachi before, and as I said the Sharkfin shears were a gift. Sharkfin have been performing beautifully for me though I will invest in some swivel thumb Mizutani Shears in the future.

Swivels were created in late 1970's in Japan. It was single swivel then now Double swivel. It is very egonomical and will help prevent carpal tunnel, Neck pain and Shoulder pain. Ours are ball bearing one arm Double swivel. Contact us We can send you a free DVD by Paulo Candido. 

Great! Thank you for your reply, I will check it out! Our main supplier in Vancouver carries Mizutani and I have seen them on Free Salon Education, they are definitely a future purchase!

In my experience swivel thumb shears can be broken down to 1/3rds

1/3 of the Stylists hate them, cant get used to them or just will not give them a chance.

1/3 of the Stylists love them right from day 1

1/3 of the Stylists did not like them at first, but because of hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder problems kept using them until they adjusted to them, and now love them.

These are a handle design that you should test drive first, this can make ordering on line from the internet a little scary.

Many Stylists who found them awkward at first, do end up getting used to them over time, and will never switch back to a traditional handle. But they are not for everyone.

Most swiveling or rotating thumb shears can be adjusted, meaning adjustments can be made so they can be very easy moving (thumb will automatically swivel with no effort from you) to stiffer (thumb will swivel after you apply pressure to make it swivel) or frozen ( tighten the thumb adjustment in a certain position and it will not move at all)

But, if you are a Stylists who have tried these and just couldn't adjust or didn't like them, don't worry, there are many handle designs today that are very ergonomic or anatomically correct, without having to use a swiveling thumb. From 3 ring handled shears to all kinds of different offset handled shears with or without bent & molded thumb rings, etc.. There is a healthy, ergonomic handle out there for everyone.

Ed Lake

Very well said, thank you for your perspective!

I think it's definitely something with benefits. I don't own any yet but it's definitely not a gimmick like some things

i tried them, hated them. one of my stylists has them and loves them. i just didn't like that i couldn't get my thumb out to palm my shears. 

You have to give yourself a month or more to get use to it. Just like driving a car....Need to practice. In the long run you will find less pain for your wrist, shoulder and neck.

Yes, I found because they are a little larger in the palm you cant really palm the scissors and it takes a little getting use to to swing them out so the are resting under your pinky instead but Im used to it now. Im just discovering all the different positions and mobility it gives me now.


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