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I am looking for a pair of 6" shears for slide/wet cutting. Already have dry cutting shears, but these would be for wet cutting. Not precision. Made in Japan, not over the top in price. Sharp enough to be very smooth but also not have to sharpen every other month! lol I know I'm asking a lot! Any recommends are much appreciated. :)

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Look into Mizutani and talk to Kyioshi. They are amazing and are the only ones I use now. I highly recommend them!! They are great in price and you can get a payment plan on them. Also check them out on talk to matt from Free Salon as well, he has plenty of reviews on scissors. 

Thank you for your reply, WIlliam! Am working with Kiyoshi from Mizutani right now. So far he has been great! Really like Free Salon Education, too. Guess I'm on the right track! :)

May I suggest checking out our Kokoro shear line.

The Green series is very affordable at $240.00-250.00 Features Japanese 440 Stainless, Offset "crane" style handles, Razor sharp convex edge, low profile tension adjuster. Available in 575 & 6.5 inch sizes.

The best of the best our Gold series, features Cobalt Alloy steel, Slight offset handles with bent thumb ring, Razor sharp sword edge, Low profile ball bearing tension system.

All our Kokoro shear line is covered by Totally Shears lifetime warranty and backed by great factory services to keep them sharp and cutting perfectly for decades.


Melissa, have you had a chance to check out our shop on Our shears are made in Japan and can be used for wet cutting! Be sure to check them out and let us know if you have any questions. #JonReymanPro


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