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I am looking for recommendations for building a salon business plan with commission plans included. Any suggestions 

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Salon Strategies would be a great place to start,I've taken their classes. They advocate a business model called Team Based pay. They argue that the commission structure most salons put in place is archaic and creates slim profit margins in most cases. Check out their website,they have a lot of great info.
The other eye opener book is The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, it's a book about why most small businesses don't work and how you can change that.
I owned my own salon for 25 years... It really pays off to do your due diligence .
You should also read the thread here on HB called : Commission Scale. Lots of great information from seasoned successful salon owners.

Thank you m long. I have been reading a lot about commission on here. It has def helped me to realize some issues Im sure to encounter. I will be looking into your recommendations. Very excited so much to do and many places to start

Jenna, I would highly recommend checking out where you will find an incredible amount of helpful information on opening a salon and how to run it successfully from someone who has opened three salons. One most recently in the Soho area. Just a thought! 


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