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Precision versus for lack of a better term "salon reality"

So this is a serious question that I have been mulling over in my head for a couple of years and this morning I decided to ask you guys.

So I am a OG Hair Nerd and have studied most if not all if the Haircutting styles out there. I can't say tht u have mastered anyone that would take many life times but I can say that I have learned enough to be dangerous.

Anyhow when you narrow everything down you can almost categorize everything into 2 categories, precision and for lack if a better term "salon friendly".

Precision being a style that is optimized by the Sassoon school of thought, which might take a very long time to execute a hair cut. However is very rewarding to the hairdresser.

And "salon friendly" which is quick techniques that can execute a hair cut in 10-15 min with an on outcome that is not super rewarding to the hairdresser but gets the job done.

In the salon the client doesn't care what sort if style you choose they are more concerned with suitability if the end result.

So my question is why choose one style over the other? I know what direction I tend to lead towards but I am trying to gain a different perspective.

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i prefer precision,but i also prefer a paycheck. when i get that client that alows time and precision i jump on it. but salon reality i incorporate precision techniques into salon reality. my dream is to cut the precision cut and not worry and not worry about life and money(a dream),but mixing the two hopefully makes me better than yesterday..........

Such a great topic, I personally feel that with modern Razor Craft you can marry the two together. All of my sectioning is clean and precise as is my attention to detail but by using the razor to created blurred lines the hair can live and settle in a bit easier, I  find that I need much less refining and this saves me time without forfeiting control.

I book 45 minutes per clint and generally run ahead of schedule, I also focus on very natural styling and rarely use a brush.

So another question is what do you tell a client or an apprentice why you chose one over the other?
Do you mean scissor vs razor?
Either and /or both. I guess I look at scissors and razors as a tool like a hammer or screwdriver, and when cutting you can cut a couple of corners or you can go through each step. You can make yourself happy by doing a precision job that only you and your haircutting buddies will like. Or you cab do something faster that the client will think is just fine. I don't really know if I am saying what I am meanung. And I am felling quit introspective latley. I am just wanting to know why one over the other, and how to explain it. When I was growing up the explanation was that's just the way it is.

Well for me i mostly reach for the razor in client/commercial situations  I can follow the idea of the Precision shapes that i learned from my years at Sassoon, but with more looseness and smudginess on the lines. For me the razor is like  a sketch with charcoal.

I grab the scissor when I want to create something more distinct, structured and perhaps creative (to a hairdresser anyway) to me the scissor is like line drawing with a bell point pen.

Some stylists love the journey, some stylist love the destination. To me it depends on my mood and the client

I don't think it's necessary for me to explain this notion to clients.  Nowadays, I find people in my chair that appreciate the care and quality that goes in to precision.  There may be people who just want a trim with pretty curls who like me, but maybe not appreciate my service, and that's ok.  

The apprentice, on the other hand, that's different.  Fortunately for me, precision is part of our training and culture, so it's easier to get apprentices on board.  I think salon culture and consistency can play a big role.  

On more than one occasion I've been told "Ya know, I'll bet if you could cut each hair individually you would."

I've worked in "high-volume" shops, "high-end" salons, and currently booth rent. What I have noticed is exactly what you said. They're more concerned with the end result, and the ability to do the same at home. 

So, I try and base it on how much they're really into doing their hair for the most part. This is why that whole consultation thing really is so important. I've seen strange things around me before, such as stylists seeming to not care what the client is saying and doing this crazy precise haircut followed by a flat iron and then detailed to infinity...right after the woman clearly said "I never straighten my hair"

My goal is usually to make sure it looks stellar in it's natural state, blow dry it the way they either already do it or want to start doing, detail a bit, *high-five* and done.

Very well said!! I like this reply

Do you not think sometimes it's necessary in order to effectively detail a shape dry to blow dry and style a hell of a lot more than your client does normally? I have plenty of clients that "literally do nothing" to their hair. They aren't necessarily coming to me so I can do what they always do to style their hair. They're coming to me because I understand that they do nothing, and in order for them to keep doing nothing, they have to have a kick ass haircut. Sometimes for them to get a kick ass haircut, I need to do things with their hair that they never do. If I am doing a blunt bob, I am going to work the hell out of that line, blow dry and iron a lot more, because a perfect shape looks a lot better unstyled than a sloppy unrefined shape looks unstyled.

Explaining this is key, so your clients understand why. When they go home, wash their hair, do absolutely nothing to it, and it looks way better...they're coming back.

So my question is why choose one style over the other?  The answer is "time". Can I cut a precise haircut in 30 min? nope, but give me 2 hours(not salon reality) and I could do it. Will the 30 min haircut be acceptable and better than most? yep.

Interesting topic, makes me think a bit.


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