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Hello all my hairbrained friends.

I am in the market to buying new shears. I just need some recommendations. I am looking for tiny shears [5inch] and thinner blades, however, am open minded! Gerard- you posted a picture of some gorgeous gold plated shears months back, do you remember who makes them?

Preferably a Japanese company, I love their quality. and maybe [[hopefully]] below $500?!

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your answers!

Danielle Hardy

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hello danielle!  

check out Mizutanis website. they have an option for shears under $500. 

heres the link :

You can also check out Hattori Hanzo. their shears are listed in order of price. 

heres the link :

I hope i was able to help :)

Call Kiyoshi at Mizutani. He can guide you in the direction you need, to find what you are looking for. Mizutani and Kiyoshi are the best for the finest scissors out there. Good Kuck

The gold ones where made by Mizutani, contact Kiyoshi he is the dealer here in the US, he is all over social media

kiyoshi okamoto

Thanks so much, Gerard!!

Omg they are Mizutani!!!! You have to call kiyoshi!

I am quite fond of sensei shears.. Many choices at varying prices and lengths. I have 3 Sensei shears ( two different size texturizers and a  pair for slicing) today I purchased another for every day cutting.  I met the owner at Premiere in Orlando and he said that the shears are made in his factory in Japan.

So I am back from East Coast and I just found out this post. Thank you for a lot of recommendation!!

Gold shear is ours. you can call me at 415-307-4062 or I can call you. Thank you.

However, I have to mention regarding thinner(Skinny or Slim) blades. In 70's,  thinner blade was it... Matsuzaki, Nics, Jowell and Omega were great for prescision cutting. Now technique has changed.. Point cutting, Dry cutting and Slide cutting etc.. No longer only precision cutting. Thinner blades are delicate so cutting section should be 0.5 inch or less, Tip is so thin that in 2-3 months you need of sharpening if you do a lot of point cutting.  Frequent screw adjustment is necessary, if you don't tighten the screw lose blades scrape each other and blades will be off balance.  If you would like to own thinner blades please have one or two shears for special porpose especially adding texture to your hair cut. If you are skilled straight razor user you can get away with just Thinner blades and short scissor but not normally...

Thank you so much!! This was extremely helpful! I typically do 75% of my cuts with the straight razor, however I want to get into shear work as well. I have a few Sassoon classes in Manhatten this year and hope to sharpen my skills.. with that, I will need a great pair of shears. You come highly recommended! I am praying I win the hairbrained video awards for some extra cash to help pay for a new pair!! You'll hear from me soon, Thanks so much!


Thank you!!

Also -- are the gold shears still available? I don't see them on the website! Thanks!

Gold shears are coming!! They are limited but you can pick our shear and we can make it to gold as well.

Our customize section:

Make your own thought out gold shear!!!

Happy new year!!


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