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Since it happened to me twice today I thought I'd come here and vent about it.

Am I the only one who hates it when you introduce yourself to a new client, take them back to your chair, and they freak out and say, "Wait! Aren't you going to shampoo it first?"

Umm, no. I'm not going to shampoo it first. I'm going to sit you down, ask you some questions, and look at your hair in order to determine it's vital characteristics. Hell, I might actually even touch it! Crazy, huh? Seriously, do stylists no longer believe in performing consultations?

When a client says this to me, my impression is:

A) You've never been to a real salon in your life, and have thus far only frequented haircutting establishments with such names as Betty Sue's House O' Hair (And Bait Shop) or Klassic Kuts by Norma Jean.

B) I'm sooo not getting a tip, because it's obvious that [refer to Section A].

It amazes me that this never seems to happen to other professionals. You'd never walk into a lawyer's office and, after he tells you to have seat, jump up and down and say, "Wait! Aren't we going to go to court first?"

Sorry, had to rant :)

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^I like your mentality

I hope you get to convert more guests in 2016!!


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