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I feel we should do a seven degrees of separation type, educational history, give props, family tree, where I learned my sh!t, type discussion...

I'll start...

In my pursuit of education I have had two mentors for haircutting, that went out of their way to share what they know and have learned over the years. That is not to say they are the only ones who have taught me things. So, if I have taken workshops from any of you and I didn't mention you it is either I forgot or I felt the class was over priced and my payment and attendance was enough thanks.

My first mentor was Franco Frittelli who trained with Tim Hartley - Thanks Franco!

Next is still a mentor for whom I have the deepest respect, my good buddy Gerard Scarpaci. Thanks for sharing your gifts!!!

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I would like to Thank Peg Cribari, who trained with Roger Thompson and Christopher Brooker who trained with Vidal Sassoon...and I would like to thank all the "crimpers" out there!   ..... along with Ian Gavet and Tony Bekerman and Alan Papelo ,Maurice Tidy and all the original Hair United .

I was lucky enough to train with Trevor Sorbie.

An old thread worth bringing back to the top. :-)

Pivot Point's Leo Passage took me under his wing in 1985 (i worked closely with him at PP from '85 to '95). Leo remained my friend, mentor, confidant and 'business dad' until his too early passing a few years ago.To this day, when i get 'stuck', i ask "what would Leo do?".

Although I've had so many more who have helped shape who i am today, it wouldn't be right to not mention my ongoing and significant daily mentor... Google. I ask questions, and he/she never fails to respond.  (PS i'm only half kidding!)


funny I always thought of Google as a he, I stand corrected!

currently working under elisha, constantly and relentlessly watching and asking a ridiculous amount of questions. your name still comes up all the time and he attributes much of who he is to this day to of you and always names you not only as his biggest mentor, but "the" mentor. so i guess that's two degrees? haha!

oh and he still uses the five inch hikari's you gave him on a daily basis. cool idea for a thread, randy!

I don't have any big names to drop here, and most of you guys who know me probably know me from here. I do have a brief story about my first and most influential mentor, though.

The first guy to actively shape me up as a hairdresser was a 65 year old barber who worked at my first salon. He had been cutting hair since he was 16 and while he was licensed as a barber he mostly did color. I hated him, I never asked for his help but he was a total dick and would always tell me I was doing this or that incorrectly. I don't remember sitting and trying to learn or practice what he was showing me, but I remember him showing it all to me, and it all stuck with me. The way I hold my comb, the way I move my clippers, the way I blow dry hair, all stuff he showed me. He would call me "boy" and when I was sitting around with no clients he'd pay me to go get him cigarettes. I don't even know where he is now, or if he's still cutting hair (or breathing). By the time I was busy I was at a different salon, and for a while I wanted to show him. Not because I thought he'd be proud of me, but because I wanted to ask him to go buy ME cigarettes (ha!). Then a few years later I guess I matured some and became grateful for his lessons. If I ran into him today I would thank him so hard.

So cool to hear all these stories, I recognize most of the names and admire so many of the major talents, we all start from somewhere... I trained at the Sassoon Academy in 1980 in Los Angeles. I was too afraid to do hair at the time so didn't really start my career until 1999 at the Yosh Salon in Palo Alto as an apprentice. Since then I have had classes from so many of you guys, I consider you all my mentors as I follow you and I listen to what you have to say... I am proud of my education and my craft and I am always learning more every day, and I am thrilled to be among so many talented people. When I am at hair events now, I  try to introduce myself to the stylists that I have admired over the last 16 years of my career, and tell them how much I enjoy their work. Feels good to among such a cool group of people.


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