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I am tired of spending so much $$ on quality tools only to have them stolen or broken by other stylists

For the last month I have been going through a 30 day trial with Hattori Hanzo. On Monday I decided they weren't worth the $$ I was spending and would send them back until I could afford my dream Mizutani Scissors. Well after I packed up my Hattoris to be sent back I went into my spare scissor case to get my Washi's, but all that was left were my Beauty School Scissors. So now what do I do? I have spent so much money lately on IBSNY, Hands on classes and such I'm broke. I am in desperate need of a quality scissor since my main focus lately has been precision cutting. I have seen refurbished Mizutani Scissors on But nothing I can use. Are they available anywhere else.  I am a single mom and this is my second year behind the chair. I am trying to build something here. And this situation is killing me.  I am known in my salon as the crazy education stylist because I want to learn everything about hair and the tools we use to achieve the looks we want. I have introduced these stylists to every piece of information I pay to obtain because that's who I am, why must they take advantage by stealing when I would be more than happy to share. Can anyone please point me a direction? Any direction?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sorry to hear about your loss, I would recommend bringing your scissors home with you, unfortunately valuable things seem to go missing fairly often in big busy salons.

Also you can get a GOOD pair of scissors for a reasonable price, try the JN line by Nic, or Yasaka, all around $300. 

I have had the same situation happen to me when I lived in the states. I resolved the issue by contacting one particular scissor repair company, and found a perfectly great scissor that was completely restored to a great cutting tool. All of this at about less than half the price of the scissor when it was original sold as a new scissor. Unfortunately, most individuals who recommend scissors are selling or distributing scissors for profit. As you should know by reading discussions on Hairbrained, that are relating to tools , that tools are a personal preference, purchase. There are no, one "perfect", pair of scissors , at any price. The other important factor is that price does not give anyone an exact indication ,as to the quality of what you are purchasing. That also includes the country of where the scissors were manufactured. That Has a low relevance as to what , one will receive in overall quality of purchase.

Sorry, for your loss .

Good luck on your search.

A good stylist is a calm stylist. Take a deep breath and vent it all out.

As for the stealing of styling equipment, Never, ever leave it on one compartment whenever you're not using them. There are these DIY hip pouches/bags where you can put your tools when you're not using them, it may seem weird at first but, hey, it's effective!

Also, you need to exude authority. I know you want to share your tools with other people but then again some people will take advantage of you. Learn to say no, and to ask them where your valued tools are.

The others have already given their say on where to get styling equipment, goodluck on your search! :)

Salong Bromma

i keep all my stuff in a black bag. it's a habit i picked up briefly at bumble. You cannot leave any of your stuff around at all. my advice? i'd get a straight razor and learn to utilize that. i probably do 90% razor cutting when doing any freelance work or whenever i think my expensive shears can be compromised. a razor is 120 bux max, probs cheaper in the hb store! all in all my advice, condense your brushes, get a bindle for your combs and shears and honestly take it with you at the end of the night. i travel a lot to do hair and needed to condense. if you need advice on what brushes i prefer you can totally ask. it's not worth it to see the point in quality equipment, i mean youre on a forum for hair nerds so i'm sure a lot of have at least 10 of the same ys park combs because THEYRE DIFFERENT COLORS, and have someone else fancy your things and jack them. talk to your boss if that's the problem in the salon. with education you create value for yourself so if they value you as a well educated stylist they should do something about it. 

I have purchased beautiful shears from Awesome and well priced, they cut smoothly and the prices are very reasonable. I am not affiliated or a rep from the company ( I am in Australia and order directly from the Company in the US ) I met the owner at Premier Orlando and he is very genuine and stands by his products. 

I just received my first Mizutanis and they are worth the money!  I got the double swivel and my wrist feels so much better and they cut like butter!  If you call the company...they may be able to work out a deal with you.  The guy is really nice!  4153074062- Kioshi (sp?)

As far as  stealing goes, that is just unacceptable!  If someone is steeling from you, they are probably steeling from others too.  Have you asked around without being to gossipy?  

I would definitely suggest taking your things home with you every night.  Get a nice tote back that is easy to carry around and store in your stand, the Mizutanis come with a light sleeve that I am able to throw in a clutch if I needed to.  I'm looking for a nice apron/belt to carry my things while in the salon but, no luck.

 Also,  if you contact a shear sharpener, they usually have refurbished pairs for a discount.  Hope that helps!  If all else fails take out a CC with zero interest for a year. (Capital One is good and you get free credit score)  I have found that when I buy cheaper things, I end up buying nicer things later and spending more in the long run.  Maybe new shears will bring you some luck and you can raise your prices to help cover expenses! =)

P.S. Or...You could do a power cutting day to raise money fast?  Make them cheap but not too cheap...advertise like crazy and see how it goes. 

Kelly, so bummed to hear about this. Unfortunately, not everyone is as thoughtful as we would like them to be. We agree with Gerard, get in the habit of packing up the things that are important (and pricey) to you and keep them with you.  If you are in the market for precision tools, we do offer quite a few on and often have discounts. If you're interested we could also set you up with a free month to the platform.  Best of luck in the future! 

- Jon Reyman Pro Team

Sorry that happened to you. Sometimes clients can steal things too. I have to pack up my clippers, blades, and scissors every day and take them home at the new place that I work at. It sucks because I'm not used to having to do that since my previous co-workers were all trustworthy.

Sometimes Mizutani does auctions on facebook, you might be able to score a pair that way.

I hope the person stealing gets caught or leaves. :(

I hate that this can be an issue in salons. Like I'm all for borrowing and testing others tools but clean them and put them back. I have no problem letting someone borrow something if theirs broke or they want to try it. But when you have people in the salon who literally rely on using other people's tools and do not buy their own it's so annoying. In my opinion if you do not have a full tool kit, you do not belong on the floor. If I owned a salon I would not allow someone to be a stylist without having a full arsenal of tools. I just don't understand it. My work is the most important thing in the world to me and that is what I consider when buying tools. I definitely go overboard but every stylist needs a basic set of what you need.
Got some quality shears from via. . Get a holster and keep your shears on you. And you know what, your not crazy for learning In fact from my experience the ones who cast the stone are the first to sit in your chair to get their hair done. Keep on learning always and love what you do.

Aw man. I have no useful advice but I had to post and share a frowny face. With extra frowns. What a bummer...



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