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Hello Hairbrained!

A coworker and I are teaching a class later this week about texturizing and we wanted to get a little bit of history in there. Visually, if we start at Sassoon and go through the trendy cuts of various decades I can see the shift, but wondering if anyone has anything specific they know about the history of texturizing in the US. I know a little about Toni & Guy and Sebastian bringing new cutting styles to the table but having trouble making a timeline.

Anyone have any links or know anything about specific stylists or companies that revolutionized cutting (and when)? I feel like a lot of it had to be influenced by availability of tools, too, right? Like the creation of texturizing shears (when?) and when we went from straight razors to disposable blades and things like that. Was part of it an influence from overseas?

I want to know everything! Hair history info can be surprisingly hard to find online sometimes.

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