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   Split ends one of the major hair problems. What you think cutting split ends really works? What is the best solution to prevent split ends?

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To prevent split ends: Don't brush hair when its wet,Don't over condition and over wash. Try to avoid using heat based products. !

I find success, rather than not washing, washing every other day with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Haircuts every 8-12 weeks, and I only brush my hair with the Wet Brush after I have removed as much moisture as possible. Always use a good quality oil for nutrients. I use Paul Mitchell AWH dry oil.

There's a Brazilian technique called velaterapia that involves actually BURNING the split ends off with a lit candle, apparently it's popular with Victoria's Secret models and is offered by at least one high end salon in New York. It seems like it's very new in north America, but apparently it's been popular in Latin America for decades. I'm intrigued by the idea and would consider getting it done on my hair, but I doubt it's hit Vancouver yet.


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