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Hello everybody in Hairbrained land!

I have a question for you. Would you consider yourself an artist?

The reason I ask you this question is because the other day the lovely people of Hairbrained shared my work via there Instagram page which was met with lots of love from our amazing community of passionate hairstylist who are always willing to push one another in a positive way.

One of the comments however was quite negative stating with awful grammar " that ain't art" even though there was no claim of it being "art". The word "artist" is being thrown around a lot as of late so I thought I would put in my two cents and see where it went.

When I say the names Robert Lobetta, Peter Gray, and Angelo Seminara I think artist. The things that these hairdressers do with hair should be in museums. They look at things in a different light and use a lot of outside sources to develop there looks for the runway or for editorial photo shoots.

That to me is only one end of the spectrum in our vast industry. So would I consider myself an artist? Absolutely not. I follow a set of rules to achieve my end results which takes countless years of continued education to hone my chosen craft starting with a solid foundation. You cannot call yourself an "artist" and keep pumping out the same balayaged fishtail braid mirror imaged look (sorry). You must push the envelope to even be mentioned in the same breath as Robert Lobetta. If not than you are just a hairstylist, and i'm OK with that.

With love and respect,

Todd Da Silva

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I do consider myself an artist, a teacher, a painter and a therapist (at times). I'm a Colourist behind the chair ful time, part time educator, I run my business and I have a family. I do not think any of us fit nicely into one box or another.
There are too many facets to what we do as professionals and too many sides to our personalities.
We are renasance people.
We are turning this page in our industry. We are more than Sally behind the chair or an artist that creates a beautiful image.
I agree Regina the professional hairstylist is a multi-faceted creative and business Dynamo ... and even more than that! Here is my list of many of the jobs most perform on a daily,hourly basis while standing behind the chair:

1) create a new look for your client by cutting,coloring,styling etc... their hair ... Your a designer,an architect ,an artist,a crafts-person... working,designing,and expending creative energy.

2) listening to their problems and psychic wounds and giving words of consolation or advice...your a therapist,a counsoler ( if you pour them some wine.,, a bartender)

3) you research and then counsel your client on the best products for their hair and sell it to them... a salesperson

4)you plan future promotional's and events ,post your work on social media in order to bring more clients to your chair or salon... Your a marketer

5) you train your friends and co-workers in techniques you have mastered... Your a teacher

6)you own your own salon or become a manager... Your a leader,manager,maybe an accountant too ( an if you have to solve all the IT problems in your salon... Your an IT person too)

7)you take photos of your work,find and master the best apps to enhance your photos; you master video... Your a Photographer and videographer ,editor

Phew,makes me tired just typing all this.I'm sure there is even more to this list. The entrepreneur ,artist,crafts-person,hairstylist who masters techniques,always presses forward to excel... Is a dynamic creative force in the universe.

I am actually a big fan of this style, Todd. To be quite honest, you can't let the negative comments of others affect you too much. Everyone has their opinion and unless they are a major influencer in this industry that's all it is... just another opinion! Great work! 

I had a hard time calling hair "art" for years, but as soon as I started getting haters it all made sense. To me, now, something becomes art the minute a stranger hates it.

I'm reading all these posts and I say to myself, how do you differentiate between craftsman and can debate forever the fact that craft is art and art is craft.....I think it solely depends o what level you take it can be a "service" haircutter (("whats that??...cut this, but dont cut that, but leave it longer on the top, but I need the back tapered" )) can speak to your client in an intelligent manner and explain to them the premise of doing a haircut as a multifunctional, all the dots are connected work, whereby there is purpose, fluidity, function, and esthetic value to the end result that is balanced, has rhyme and reason to it, and will turn heads.......and in saying that, it doesnt have to be in the "avante garde" could be classic in many ways, shape, and form, but yet still have purpose in function and final style...........truly, I guess we could debate this forever.......but for me.....personally....I'm starting to eliminate that portion of my clientele that is simply not doing me any good in terms of either making me happy, or, for that matter forcing me to do the saying that, let me further defend myself by saying that I have no problem with doing a haircut in its most simplistic doesnt have to be high just has to make sense on whomever you are rendering it on.......


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