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Hello everybody in Hairbrained land!

I have a question for you. Would you consider yourself an artist?

The reason I ask you this question is because the other day the lovely people of Hairbrained shared my work via there Instagram page which was met with lots of love from our amazing community of passionate hairstylist who are always willing to push one another in a positive way.

One of the comments however was quite negative stating with awful grammar " that ain't art" even though there was no claim of it being "art". The word "artist" is being thrown around a lot as of late so I thought I would put in my two cents and see where it went.

When I say the names Robert Lobetta, Peter Gray, and Angelo Seminara I think artist. The things that these hairdressers do with hair should be in museums. They look at things in a different light and use a lot of outside sources to develop there looks for the runway or for editorial photo shoots.

That to me is only one end of the spectrum in our vast industry. So would I consider myself an artist? Absolutely not. I follow a set of rules to achieve my end results which takes countless years of continued education to hone my chosen craft starting with a solid foundation. You cannot call yourself an "artist" and keep pumping out the same balayaged fishtail braid mirror imaged look (sorry). You must push the envelope to even be mentioned in the same breath as Robert Lobetta. If not than you are just a hairstylist, and i'm OK with that.

With love and respect,

Todd Da Silva

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I dont really think of myself as an artist, but sometimes it all comes together so well that my craft turns into ART if only for a fleeting moment...

Your work is as a Result of the Artist . The Artist is present before the Craftsman. The Creative Force within us will always create ways to continually express itself and take form. It is having the ability to imagine it, to execute it, and put it into existence. When we take responsibility for the Artist we become Life Artists ~ Professional Artists,
not for a moment but every second of everyday. The clients life is impacted as a result of it and all people's your in contact with. Artist once taken taken responsibility is aware that he or she is not theirs but everybody's and that is a full time commitment. Hairbrained is as a result of the Artist ,The Art lives forever, the Craftsman is created by the Artist to deliver results put it into existence,The Professional Artist makes it work in the world without compromising it, the Life Artist is consistently in action.

Also in regard to negative comments about a hairdressers work we always have and always will delete them... if someone wants to talk shit they can build there own community for people that are into that... 

Art and hair are both subjective. I can admire the technical skills it took to create something and not particularly care for the aesthetic. I've gone on instagram a few times and said a few words to the trolls that love to down others work. Do I consider myself an artist? Not yet but I'm working towards it.

I agree art is subjective to the individuals eye looking at it.... Craftsmen is a preferred term that I Can I.D. with... 

  Not saying hair can't be art, because yes there are hairdressers who have made art and collections of art in there career and many more to come... 

 Some of my favorites are Anthony Mascolo,  Lobetta, early Sassoon pioneers, Peter Gray, Xpression

Okay, this is gonna be a whopper of a reply. So sorry. But I still think balayage work IN PICTURES is art, but I tend to not focus on the picture even if it's repetitive, imitating, etc. my point is, where there is no thought, there is no beauty. To someone who regularly doesn't think, less will be considered as art, to someone who regularly thinks more, more will be considered as art. To someone who is discerning, everything will be art, but very little will be good art. I am appreciative of repetition because it is the gateway to learning, through repetition, and tiny changes here and there.. You develop cultural changes, adaptation, evolution. But simply put, not everyone can be Van Gogh , not everyone is destined to be the owner of apple or Microsoft, you need people to work at your gas stations, the front desk at a hotel, you need middle men, you need people high and low. But the one thing that has been consistent in my life is my need to create. I have many mediums through which that is possible. Is hair an art to me? Yes. Am I an artist. Hell motherfucking yes I am. People approach me because they like what I do, I tell them what would look good on them, I make the rules when I cut. It may not be the same for the next person. But that's for me. Simply put I believe the entire word art, can just be done away with. Because as far as I'm concerned, every particle on this planet can be arranged in any format and you can call it art, but it doesn't mean it's good to anyone. When someone asks me if their haircut looks good, I ask them is this the way you intended it to look? And they say yes and I say, well okay. But if they ask me if this correct, then that's another story. You see hair, it's a funny thing just like painting. There's a technical side, and then there's the actual art side. I've seen pieces that move me that were as simple as one stroke, others a realism painting. I've seen haircuts that were a precision one length go unnoticed but hair teased to heaven that a 4 year old could do, taken with a good camera and people fall to their knees. Which leads me to believe the only thing that makes an artist.. An artist.. is whether or not you call yourself an artist. Even if you're just passionate about technical skill there will be people who perceive your technical ability as art. The one consistent trait amongst these different trains of thought , is that both rely heavily on the judgment of self to achieve either. In my opinion, everything is art. But that's the cool thing about art, when you're an artist no one can tell you otherwise if you suck or not. Because it's for you. Great post Todd!!!

Todd. Thanks for this post.

When I am cutting hair I have to agree with Gerard and Adam and consider myself a Craftsman. Maybe, if clients came in and said "do whatever you want, and meant it", I might say artist.

I agree Randy, craftsmen is a great word. However I view limitation a bit differently.. a limitation breeds creativity. In my personal opinion absence of limitation is the enemy to creativity. If I gave someone 20 color pencils it would be easier to make something than if I just gave them one.
Taken from Wikipedia
In Living with Art,[citation needed] Mark Getlein proposes six activities, services or functions of contemporary artists:

Create places for some human purpose.
Create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.
Record and commemorate.
Give tangible form to the unknown.
Give tangible form to feelings.
Refresh our vision and help see the world in new ways.

I googled "What is the definition of an Artist", and it seems it is a eternal debate. I liked the above definition the best.I also believe that art is a subjective experience...perhaps that is why there is an on-going, never ending debate about it.

In the above quote "give tangible form to the unknown"... I believe as hairstylists we have the potential to make a tangible version ( a haircut/style) of the vision of our client in our head. The unknown part is what is unknown to your client. They have no idea ( the unknown in their mind) how great they would look in that cut or color that you picture in your mind. But,that vision in your head is limited by all the techniques you know... or don't know.You may have artistic tendencies,but your vision only comes to life and is limited by your knowledge.

"Give tangible form to feelings", many times by assessing your clients lifestyle,physical features,the way they speak or walk... you develop feelings,perceptions,vibes about them.Those feelings inspire within you a picture in your head of a look that you think will look fantastic on them. Perhaps where you switch from just a "technician" technically executing a technique you learned, to "Artist" status, is where you take your personal vision about style and and mix it in with your impressions ( or feelings) like a painter mixing colors on their palette.Then you use your techniques to express or communicate your vision, on your canvass ... which is your client.

Maybe one way to look at it... the Artist is master of technique, where the technician is servant to it.

Do I call myself an Artist? Well,let me answer it this way... I don't really sit around thinking about it... my clients say I am.

Am I always infused with fresh ideas and daily electrified with inspiration... No. But on those days I can lean back on all the disciplined techniques I've learned ( and respect) and conjure up some past inspirational ideas and go on to make my clients happy. That in it's self is and art and a craft.
noun: art; plural noun: arts; plural noun: the arts
the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
"the art of the Renaissance"
synonyms: fine art, artwork
"he studied art"

If someone thinks and feels like an artist... Let them. If they don't think they are an artist, that is okay too.

I saw that negative post and was sad that an individual would think that their negative opinion needed to be shared or mattered.

With so much negativity in the world it is irritating to see negative posts about someones work when they are putting themselves out there. You don't have to type anything if you don't like it, just move on.

We should celebrate each other and keep a safe place to share and inspire. 

The girl should have learned about what or why she didn't connect with the picture to help grow her aesthetic... not be close minded.

adjective: aesthetic; adjective: esthetic
  1. 1.
    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
    "the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure"
noun: aesthetic; plural noun: aesthetics; noun: esthetic; plural noun: esthetics
  1. 1.
    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.
    "the Cubist aesthetic"

I've seen this conversation make the rounds in the many social networks I run in and have always chose to remain silent. I do not consider myself an artist. Although our work can be considered art by many it isn't the focus for most of us. Our role, generally, is to provide a service. I don't understand our need to attach a label to what we do. It's so multi faceted that it's near impossible. Artist, craftsmen, sales person, service provider. We are all of these things and none of them. Why not be happy being a hairdresser.
Yes. I consider myself an artist, as I believe that all hair artists are Artist Professionals.
All creative fields such as ,painting,music,sculpting, ect.. requires investing time,concentration,and the willingness to make progress in developing your craft and techniques, on although talent might be present, repititiion is mastery, A great artist is state of being and forever evolving. Precision is vital to any craft well done. Creating Beauty is an art , doing business is an art , being a great conversationalist is an art , hair artists do this every second of day simultanueosly.For me the hair industry has given me a platform to build life that is abundant , around my creativity without compromising it.


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