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What I a cutting lotion? And when/why would you use it?

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Cutting lotion is usually a product that equalizes porosity and makes the hair more manageable/protected while cutting, but it can essentially be any product that you put in the hair before cutting to make your job easier and the outcome better.

Truly, if there is one thing that I absolutely cant work without, its a cutting lotion, or, leave in of some sort prior to any haircut.....everything just works better,.......but the main reason is for lubricity while I am cutting, plus, of course its just part of the whole conditioning process that you render to the hair..........also, I have found that when cutting curly hair, a leave in or cutting lotion is invaluable in terms of being able to cut the hair wet to dry, and rendering the curl in such a way that as the haircut is approaching the finish, the curl has "come together",...thereby leaving almost nothing to do for the drying process per say, other than just putting a little bit of finishing product on at the end to insure the integrity of the finished design.....

Oh okay! Thank you very much Scott Tomlinson andTony Dorso. I am definitely going to start applying a cutting lotion/product to my guests. It's my first month on the floor and I'm still finding my groove as in timing per cut and accuracy with my finger and comb posisition. A cutting lotion sounds like it could be just the tool I need to help me work cleaner as well as keeping the hair lubricated as I slowly build comfort with speed......Tony you just gave me that "AHA!" moment, apply products to curly hair, before, would make such a huge difference. I have curly hair myself and never though of doing to my client as I do to myself. Over all as a hairdresser I am all about keeping the hair at its finest integrity. If this step is a great chance to condition I'm all for it. And maybe a chance for a little retail up sale! Thank you very much Scott and Tony for the invaluable knowledge.


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