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Long story short.. 

Client has pravana purple ombre, did a bleach in foils, turned a pale sea green.. Tried to tone, green would not be controlled, colored with chocolate toned permanent color, didn't want to grab and still had green tone. Colored the shit pravana purple again to make it look decent haha... Anyway...

Thought it was just the purple that turned green but the roots that were not purple were green. Maybe the purple was placed over the natural color and left it's mark..

Was thinking it was hard mineral deposits? 

Thoughts and help appreciated..


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I had something similar happen about eight years ago, except it was on virgin hair. The highlights I did came up highlighter yellow with a greenish undertone. After a lot of questions, I concluded that there must have been some sort of reaction to the Nioxin system she was using. Hasn't happened since.

I've seen that with Henna- so I think you might be right about mineral deposits.

Ive seen purple turn to pale mint green after fading out and bleaching it. I made a red violet toner to tone out the pale green.

The lady at the water store where i buy my drinking water was showing me the shower filters they have. After 4 months use the filter was filled with a green sand...Enough to fill a small ziploc bag.  She said it was primarily from chlorine necessary to make our water safe.

Thanks for the replies. Going to try to clarify first to see what affect it has and will report..

Pravana sits in the cuticle, not the cortex, so it will always reflect through any color placed over it; likely, the purple was placed over everything; bleach doesn't do a great job of removing manic panic/pravana, etc. sometimes a baking soda wash can help loosen it. and oddly, some colors are removed quite well with high lift tint. and, sometimes just soaking the head in 40vol cream developer, straight up. it depends on the line. InkWorks used to be the easiest for me to get out. 

In the future, you have to 'tone out' the residual pravana with another pravana, and then proceed to color, knowing the cast can eventually pop up again. i'd have hit it with a little 'too cute coral' to help neutralize the sea foam color, and then re approach coloring it. even if you tossed black oxidative color over it, you would be able to catch a glint of the sea foam in the light. 


I owe you one! :)

I was thinking it was the Pravana, didn't think of retoning with another Pravana though. Thank you!

Wow, Russell! I think I got jinxed reading this just before my last client today. So...the exact same thing happened to me this afternoon. Client came in today ( I just saw her last Sunday for an all-over Pravana purple. I pre-lightened all of her hair. There was a bit extra warmth but otherwise fine for toning with purple.) so we could lift out that extra warmth slightly. Used my usual Wella Blondor + 30v for a 'flash-lift" just in the mid-length area. Almost immediately, hair went sea-foam green. (Mind you her hair was virgin last week with nothing else but the Pravana purple I used on it). I rinsed it out right away and toned it with Wild Orchid. Nixed the additional pre-lightening and decided to just go in with a richer formula of purple plus a dash of blue to cool off any remaining warmth. I've used Pravana Vivids for roughly 10 years and haven't seen this (unless there was pre-existing blue/green underneath. Which, does not apply in this case.) Overall, I salvaged the job but lately have been disappointed with the Pravana Vivids. Over the past couple of years, the formulation has definitely changed. Recently, there was a press release from Pravana about problems with their colour tubes. Hoping this was a one-off case as I do a ton of colour correction and encountering that sort of problem is not cool.

I have had the same experience with hair turning green after lightening pravana weird.

Same thing happened with my own hair and I was just gonna roll with the green that was left but I was also going to add shine and tone my blondewith shades eq 09v processing solution and it took the green mostly all away... It looked as if it was gone 100% but I could see a hint of the green only when it was dry

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