New Year. New Hb! 1.1.2016 Setup Your Profile Today!

Thats right we have begun to build a new home for Hb,If you are interested in being a BETA tester just comment in this thread below!

It will be custom built and include the latest technology to help the hairdressing community, connect and engage. The current edition of Hb has not had many tech advances in the past few years.

We have been searching now for literally 2 years to find the right team of developers and believe me... it has not been easy!

We will keep what has worked best from our past while simplifying how things work and adding new features, that you expect from todays social media platforms, like hashtaging # topics so they go into a live feed that will be filled with what interests you most.

The design will be what is called mobile first, which means it is designed for your mobile devices in terms of look and functionality. And we will have a state of the art app!

We will move over some of the best content to get us started during the BETA, and believe the new functionality will be so user friendly that you will be adding tons of new content! 

We will keep you updated on the progress of the NEW Hb, and can't wait for you to experience it in January 2016!

Here's the link:

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Thanks Patty, we will be talking soon!

Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to the changes.

Thanks Gerad! So looking forward to it.

Movin and a shakin! 

This is great Gerard. I can't wait to see the new Hairbrained platform! #JonReymanPro

Thanks everyone! It will be important to keep channels of communication open in the coming months as we move toward our new home. 

Looking forward to it!!! Thank you all at HB for the things you do for our industry. ;D-

Looking forward!

Cooool Guys!

Please, Please, Please....make it WINDOWS MOBILE compatible, .....specifically the phone app



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