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I am a newer salon owner although I have been a stylist for 25 years. Since opening my salon I have had a couple of my clients ask my front desk staff about tipping me. Other salon owners I know do accept tips. As I am still providing service ,I don't think it's inappropriate to continue too. Thoughts?  A longtime client of mine asked me about it the other day and I just didn't know how to answer her. I felt so awkward saying yes I appreciate tips. Then she kind of reprimanded me saying that her nail person is the owner of her nail shop  and refuses tips. Ugh! What do other of you salon owners do?

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I accept tips and I'm a salon owner. BTW clients are crazy!!! On a serious note, if they ask, tell them the truth. Do you accept tips?

I don't get offered tips here in Australia, on the rare occasion I do I take them. If I were in a country that tips were offered, then yes I would take them, remembering that they are a gratuity. I wouldn't ever base my service pricing on getting a tip. Charge what you need too and the tip is a nice extra.

Perhaps this worked because it was reverse psychology... But it worked! I was a salon owner for 25 years. When clients asked me if they should tip me or not, I said " I leave that to the clients discretion ", then if they pressed me further with quizzical looks... I just repeated myself, My assistants were instructed to say the same thing.I didn't engage in any aurguments etc on the subject . I mostly got a tip every time .
I will add that the clients got a lot in the way of a nice atmosphere in the salon , which may have also contributed. There was a coffee bar with fresh brewed gourmet coffee,fresh cookies.And wine offered in the evenings .

I always said exactly the same thing,"tips are at your discretion" and usually they would tip.

Thank you. Best to keep it simple!

Take the tips,dude,

Thanks! I will! BTW I am a lady.

Good luck Stevie, not a dude.

I live in Mexico, in an expiate community. My prices need to be low to be competitive. Think Supercuts. Regardless of that, we maintain a very high level of service, sanitation, beverages (NO WINE), excellent shampoo/massage, the best products I can provide and a wonderful caring atmosphere. My clients tend to be older. Who do they think provides them with the above? Accepting tips is proper. Who ever said "not to tip the owner," WAS not an owner. We have the most expense. There was a time when the "owner" charged a higher rate. I do not. In addition, I do not have a tip jar, but I also do not handle the collection of monies. Staying away from the cash drawer is very important to me. I've performed the service. On a regular, and often basis I receive tips. When they are large. I bow and say Namaste. I also have stopped hugging and kissing clients.

Thanks for your input! Exactly my sentiment. Right now my partner and I are are the income producers and we pay support staff of assistants and front desk. We live off our tips and everything else goes into the business! I know that will change as we grow BUT at the end of the day if I am still providing my clients the service I think I should still take the tip.

You are welcome for sure. Buenas Swerte!!!

I'm an owner mostly behind the chair and I will answer when asked "tips are strongly encouraged" everyone laughs and it all works out.  this question had not even occurred to me until the previous owner mentioned it.....


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