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One of my model with a chocolate brown hair with some red undertones, want a dark blond color totally cool/ash.

Actually I'm looking to get more infos, ratio and details for Aveda Fullspectrum Pure Pigment GREEN used as a toner, or the right way to get a totally cool/ash dark blonde. I'm a stylist not a colorist.

Anyone could you help me?


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I would suggest to ask on the Lupe Voss group ( do a search for Lupe Voss or Hair Color Magic) Green will cancel the red but at a level 6 you need Blue to cancel the orange and then you need to add in the overtone that you want to see.

You would need to cleanse the hair to a level 6 first ( if it is currently darker ) and then deal with what you are seeing. There are lots of road to get to the same destination. 

In Lupes group you will find lots of very clever people that have been using Aveda for a long time and know how to get the best results.


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