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Hi all,

I started school in November and recently moved onto the clinic floor about 4 weeks ago. I am most concerned/intimidated by cutting, so any suggestions on how to improve technique or cutting systems that gave you an "Aha!" moment would  be greatly appreciated.

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Hey! I'm also a student, and have been cutting hair on the floor for not that long, and have just recently started feeling more comfortable with it. Honestly, for me it was just time. You just have to go for it. and you will be scared but just cut! the more you cut, the more comfortable you'll get. I'm scared every time but I take all the cutting guests I can, that way each time I cut hair, it gets easier.

:) Good luck!


This is very general advice but I recommend doing your best to visualize the end result every step of the way.  I know in some beauty schools they just tell you what to do and how to section and have you do the haircut piece by piece, but always keep in mind the end result and you will get a better understanding of what you're doing.

Thank you! I have a guest coming back for a cut on Tuesday, and I've been looking at the pictures she showed me all weekend while at work, trying to dissect it in my head to give her what she is looking for. 

This is a great question and will get a lot of really good insight. Im gonna take a slightly different approach. A great consultation is key. Here are a few questions I ask that give me the most amount of information.

1. What are your goals with your hair? This will tell me what you're here for today. What you're working towards, which will help me map out future services, upgrades and recommendations. It will also help me identify the Technique, geometric shape, and length that will work best for you.

2. What challenges are you having with your hair? This will tell me what you do not currently like about your hair and Why I can fix through either product rec., upgrades, future services and again, technique, geometric shape, and length.

3. When was your last haircut? This helps me determine Your level of commitment. How often will we see each other, and how can I see you more frequently.

4. What does a typical day of styling look like for you? This tells me whether you're high or low maintenance with your hair, what type (not brand) of products and tools you're using. Because I'm not in the business of making you feel stupid for your choice, I'm in the business of having you invest into mine.

With repeats I'll ask...

5. Have you ever considered...? Because I want to keep the relationship fresh, exciting, introduce you to more services while letting you know I'm capable of more.

With make overs I'll ask...

What do you not want to do? Because I need limitations. I'll use my creativity to its fullest potential if I have a box to create within.

I hope this has helped. Congratulations and good luck on your journey.

Thank you! Being a master esthetician already, I know how important consultations are, but these are great questions to ask! 

love this!

What really helped me were the Hairmaven Modern Classic dvds by Russell Mayes. Chris Baran's Fuel for Design is also great.    

Thanks so much!


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