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ADD Your Videos By12/31 To Be Eligible For HVA Nomination and $5,000 Grand Prize

Be an HVA winner, like DJ Muldoon & Douglas McCoy, add your video to before Dec 31 to be eligible for nomination and the $5000 grand prize for video of the year. Thats all you need to do no entry fee, no forms to fill out NADA! Just create and sHair on Hb.... more info


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Just in case you missed it :)

Friendly reminder to get your Vids up before Dec 31 to be eligible for HVA Nomination and the $5000 grand prize

Ok thanks for the 1000+ videos this year! We will feature the Top 100 of 2014 this week in the Sunday News then announce the finalists for the HVA's in mid January.

Can't wait!!!! Thank you for providing a great opportunity to even showcase a video! So fun to see what everyone else came out with too!!



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