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Hey everybody!
I am in desperate need of advice. 2 years ago, a terrible confluence of horrible things happened to both my parents. Independently on difference sides of the country. o.O

I am trying to sum it up with going into a whole story... Basically, it was terrible, I never talked about it or told anyone what happened for the first year, I had to leave my job and move across the country with 3 weeks notice, and it got me into a funk that led to me kind of disappearing from the hair community entirely.

Now they're ok on their own, but I've been out of the salon world for 2 years. No more savings, etc. I have to rebuild... But I'm not sure how to do that with the gap in my resume.

Can anyone offer advice? Should I apply to places as a stylist, or try to get back in by accepting an assistant position?

Would it be smarter to hold out and try to be hired somewhere nice, or just get a job at a $12 chop shop?

I apologize for the wall of text here. I would really appreciate any advise anyone can offer - I'm pretty timid about having been out of the game, and trying to get back in now that the game has kept moving without me. o.O

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Thank you so much for writing all that!
It helps to hear that other people have done it, and it is possible.
I'm definitely going to try every option I can think of... Vanity has never been a barrier for me. Haha
I am guessing that the best thing I could do would be just pick what direction I WANT to go in, and just stubbornly and aggressively pursue it. That sounds like what successful people do. Lol
But it can't hurt to also do everything else until you get there...
I didn't answer the first thing you asked me, I just realized. >.br />
I'm in Ottawa now. The capital of Canada! And kind of a mundane little city near two bustling metropolises: Montreal and Toronto .

If I get some money together, moving to one of those cities would probably be good if I want to try and become "Prominent", but I'm more likely to have the steady, do-your-roots type clientele here.

I'm working on my resume - I discovered a resume subreddit that is super useful. I'm terrible at resume writing but I have upgraded my resume skills 5 times over after reading/posting there!
consider working for a brand?!! Find one that fits your style and put your all into it. Any company would be happy to have you just make sure you do the leg work. Share your passion:)
That'd be an interesting option!
I think I'd have to get myself working for a bit to get back into full on hairstylist mode though...
I actually have no idea what hair culture/shows/brand opportunities there are here. New city...
Here's one idea to also consider. I worked out of my native state for a company building a chain of salons.When I decided to move back home closer to friends and family ... I had to start over building a clientele.That of course is always hard. I got a part time job that started super early in the morning,then I would go to the salon in the afternoon. That worked really well for me.I met a lot of people from the part time job,and many became my clients... And they handed out my cards! I've heard other stylists tell me they did the same thing. One highly successful stylist told me she worked as a bartender at night and handed out her cards to co-workers and gave discounts to those who promoted her. She built her client base really fast doing that.
Also many local beauty suppliers have on-going classes,you might consider taking a couple of those to build your confidence back up... Knowledge is power! Hope these ideas are helpful. Assisting at a busy salon that you like might be a great option as well!
I was thinking getting a job like that might help. My last boss, when he was younger, he would join churches, get everyone, go to another church.. Get a job, get everyone, get another job. Lol
Say what you want, the guy was successful!

Hey there!

Jump in.  Get a job at a $12 "chop shop".  Find a busy one. Make a deal w yourself... promise yourself to stay there for just 90 days.  Tough it out.  In 90 days you will cut 3 years worth of hair.

This is my "jump start" advice for all newbies.

You are out 2 years... but did not have a TON of experience prior to leaving if my memory serves.

After the 90 days... Then do some soul searching to determine what your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations are... then hatch a good plan.

I am happy to help, as always.  Hit me up as needed.

Power on my friend.




Thanks for the advice, Ivan! I actually went back this week and re-watched the episode of Crosscheck where I got to ask you a million questions. Still full of great advice.

This week I am printing out a million resumes (I finally got mine done after a week of polishing), and I will apply anywhere and everywhere. If I don't get an opportunity at a fancy, super cool salon (I'm not holding my breathe) I will most definitely be in the type of place you describe.

Kind of a scary idea if I'm honest about it, but I am sure you're right in that I will be a lot of experience.

Plus I'll be able to, you know, pay rent. lol

Damien - My Awesome Hair Blog

Excellent advice.

How about the 6 week course at Sassoon or Boot Camp at Arrojo? These classes will get you back on track and set you on the righteous path!

Oh man, I would love to! But taking care of my folks while they were recovering really killed my savings/income. :(

I will take at least one Sassoon course though, but it'll probably be a year or so away.

Damien - My Awesome Hair Blog

After being out of the industry for over 3 years due to various circumstances I decided to take a 6 month Aveda Academy course to get back into things, I'm a little over halfway through it right now


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